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Sunday, May 09, 2004
Book to Listen To
I have the hardcover version of Richard Clarke's fabulous Against All Enemies, but for anyone who might be interested in a dazzling audio experience, I strongly recommend buying the book on CD. I did, soon after finding out that it was read by the author himself. My local B & N didn't have it and I needed to buy it right away, and found it at Politics & Prose, a DC bookstore that's not unfamiliar amongst inhabitants of the area from our political persuasion. Ever since (that would be since yesterday afternoon) I've been extending my drives for no other reason than to listen to it uninterrupted and staying in my car a few seconds more than I need to just to hear another sentence or two. I was amazed at his testimony before the commission as many others were and had found Frank Rich's comments in the New York Times on April 4 right on:

With his sonorous voice, secret-agent aura and vaguely intimidating body language, he's as commanding in his weird way as Orson Welles in full noir.

(Interestingly, part of this sentence seems to be among parts of Rich's column that were taken out of the International Herald Tribune's summary-version in their archives online, but I am keeping the link anyway to give you a general idea about the piece. I've been meaning to mention the column ever since I read it in the print edition... Now I wish I'd done that on time.)

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