Real Genius
Saturday, September 25, 2004
What an incredible thing it was, wasn't it?

I mean, you know, the PRIME MINISTER OF IRAQ coming to the US and talking to the press in the White House, I mean, like, it was huge, man!

Age the rhetoric up a little bit, trim down the redundant phrases here and there, and that's exactly what you heard from John King yesterday after the press conference.

The weird thing is, back when Suzanne Malveaux was CNN's WH correspondent, she used to do the same thing and aimlessly parrot on administration spin points without any real thought or checking (what is known in the civilized world as "reporting") and get on my nerves, and when I saw her talk at the Unity conference last month, it significantly changed my opinions of her towards the positive.

Now this John King, wasn't he the same guy who was questioning Bush's using the verb "guess" about his own intelligence agency's reports, just minutes before the outrageously stupid uncombed thoughts he uttered towards his fellow newspeople?

Reels, etc...

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