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Friday, October 22, 2004
State-sponsored and Non-state-sponsored Terrorism
Kevin Drum has a great post today, referencing a Washington Post article that once again recalls the state-sponsored-terrorism-driven mindset dominating this administration. If memory serves, both he and Josh had commented on it a while back as well.

I have no disagreement with any of Kevin's points except for the single sentence that reads:
Again: it's not that they aren't both important.

Please... It's this kind of forced evenhandedness that we're all criticizing in the mainstream media: Of course state-sponsored terrorism is something important that needs to be dealt with, but that goes without saying! International law and order have long laid the foundations for fighting and preventing such terrorism, and rules of engagement are clearly --and sometimes not-so-clearly-- outlined therein.

But, when you're talking about the dangers of non-state-sponsored terrorism, bringing up the state-sponsored version is no different from my saying the following:
You know, The woman of my dreams is very intelligent and beautiful. She is articulate, cultured, well-read and talented in at least one form of art. She is at least bilingual and enjoys talking about history and politics. She knows how to dance and enjoys it, she doesn't have to cook well at all, but she at least has to have a taste for gourmet food.

Oh, and something else that's very important for me: She's honest, nice and a kind person overall.

Get it?

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