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Sunday, September 04, 2005
The Beginning of The End - II
Since the beginning of the Iraq War I had pretty much concluded that there would't be a significant terrorist attack on US soil in the foreseeable future.

That was mainly because the War On Terra had been started, fought and lost. As we repeatedly said, this conflict was not brought upon us by a finite number of "evildoers" who sought to do us harm and "hated our freedoms". Christ Almighty, is there a single person with at least a double-digit IQ who ever believed that explanation? It was in fact played out according to well-known and studied strategic plans.

Therefore, once the US suffered immense casualties and decided to shift its forces away from the muslim holy land --and invaded the wrong muslim country, pissed away the goodwill the entire world offered us after September 11, obliterated all international treaties and conventions and still managed to let UBL and his top lieutenant get away unscathed, there remained no viable reason for al Qaida to strike again (Granted, there have been some successes, like consecutive captures of all five-or-so of the number three men of al Qaida.).

My conclusion also led me to believe that the Dubya gang was going to be able to get away with the "not on my watch" illusion as the dittoheads pounded away with "Oh, then, oh, why hasn't there been a terrorist attack on the United States since then?" at every Democratic politician who tried to explain how badly Bush and his ilk were screwing up homeland security.

I even remember a conversation with a colleague, in which he said "There will be one terrorist attack on US soil again, and that'll be the end of Bush" and I responded with the thoughts above...

I think this disaster (and the resulting obliteration of New Orleans) will prove to be that terror attack on US soil, without the terrorists perpetrating it.

The Beginning of The End
For what it's worth, it looks as if the mainstream media (print and tv news) may just have entered the very early stages of slow backbone-formation --something that would do the country a world of good... would that it were true.

Notable, I think, were Anderson Cooper bitchslapping the hapless Bush groupie Mary Landrieu, Miles O'Brien bitchslapping the fatass Haley Barbour --he of the friends of the ever-lovable Council of Conservative Citizens, and the old grunt Jack Cafferty finally putting his crankiness to good use.

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