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Thursday, November 03, 2005
Headline Writing 101
The link on reads "Two 'Gang of 14' members: Alito filibuster unlikely".

Now, is it just me, or does it sound like at least one of the said members is a Democrat, in which case this would be newsworthy and the title apt.

However, when you follow the link and read the piece you see the following:
WASHINGTON (AP) -- A group of centrist senators who halted a previous filibuster fight is making plans for Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito, but at least two of the group's Republicans say their decision is already made: no filibuster.
"I don't believe that, with all sincerity, I could let that happen," Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-South Carolina, a member of the so-called Gang of 14, said after meeting with the federal appeals court judge whom President Bush nominated to replace retiring Justice Sandra Day O'Connor.
Graham and Sen. Mike DeWine, R-Ohio, were taking their anti-filibuster message to the other Senate centrists at a meeting Thursday. But the group's Democrats were urging them to withhold judgment, saying Alito has been the nominee only since Monday.
Y'see, it was Republican senators Graham and DeWine that pleaded nolo filibustero but once again, the sole headline insinuates otherwise.

These misleading headlines are way too common for me to reasonably conclude that they're mere coincidences, but in any case, I think they should include a course entitled Headline Writing 101 at all J-schools. I will take the time to write the kind and totally-not-sarcastic textbook The Absolute Fucking Idiot's Guide to Headline Writing.

I promise.

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