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Thursday, November 03, 2005
Turdblossom Sighting
No, no, not today. Not even this week. It was on Sunday, in Middleburg, VA. What would otherwise have been a wonderful afternoon with my companion in the historic town was interrupted by the sight of the Rove-man in an independent Williams-Sonoma type of store. He was looking at a few things, we were looking at him, another couple was looking at him, other people were looking at him, and wait... My afternoon was wonderful after all: Everybody was giving him dirty looks. He went out and across the street and was walking west on the sidewalk looking at his blackberry later on, and if memory serves, he was wearing a dark brown sportsjacket and a beige pair of pants. Can't remember the color of his shirt. And I noticed another thing: I must have gotten used to seeing his face in pictures, and his face alone, so I expected him to look a lot less slim. Only his face --still-- looked fat. Perhaps the kidney stones plus the Fitzey stones have been taking their toll.

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