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Wednesday, November 08, 2006
The Root Cause
I stopped watching the television and reading my RSS updates some time between 3 and 4 am last night, and have been trying to understand what the root cause or causes were, that resulted in last night's staggering election outcome.

Rather than the Iraq War that has left all but a tiny portion of the electorate (a portion including but not limited to the Beltway pundit and Beltway pundit-wannabe class) bitter and angry, than the right-wing agenda finally showing its ugliness to a sufficient portion of the electorate (though the foaming at the mouth should always have been a subtle hint), than economic policies that have been eating away at the middle class and completely obliterating the poor; the outcome on election day has been primarily the result of the disparity between the two parties' abilities to energize their respective bases and appeal to their key constituencies.

The GOP lost the election because it lost its appeal to more than a few (surgically small, but) key constituencies:
1. The teen molester constituency,
2. The wife-beating constituency,
3. The wife-spitting constituency,
4. The mistress-strangling constituency and last but not least,
5. The gay meth-enthusiast evangelical pastor constituency.
And I think perhaps the scandals may have had a thing to do with this too...

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